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Hi,  I am Monte Cagle. a musician, husband, father of ten children, author, composer, teacher.missionary, volunteer  and world traveler.

My show and site is for you, to bring you positive music, fun subjects and insights into the physical and spiritual world   we live. I hope to share with you things of interest that many people overlook, too ashamed, scared, or embarrassed to talk about.

I believe the thoughts and ideas  given on my shows and blogs can make your life easier,  give answers to troubling questions and good solutions to problems you so often face  in life.  Be  happy and at peace with yourself and others .

Helping people, music and God is my passion, working in a number of mission projects, such as building schools in the third world, taking care of the elderly, feeding the poor, helping the  homeless, performing with my family in many schools, orphanages, retirements across the globe.  My music is my message and music is my ministry. Join me now in my Quest to bring a little more hope and love to the world.  Here is a short video of my life’s work.

Monte Cagle


 Monte and Melody Cagle consultants

To know more Call:  347- 488 – 3451     9:00 – 5:00  Mon  through  Fri.

If an emergency you can call after hours.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Stay in Shape healthy and fit with Melody. She is a certified fitness trainer and traditionalist.

Spiritual consultant

Spiritual consultant

There are a lot of things in life that are not easily explained only in the physical. The spiritual realm affects us greatly for good or bad. If you run into trouble with these matters and need some help, give us a call.

Child Care

Child Care

Taking care of children and raising a family is a big job and a lot of hard work. We’d love to help with a few tips on family life that can help you.


Marriage Consuling

Marriage Consuling

Learn how to not only live at peace with your mate, but thrive and be successful in your union.




I am Melody Cagle the wife of Monte. I am the mother of our ten kids. I am a author, composer, bassist, teacher, fitness coach and nutrition specialist.



Hi, I am Monte Cagle. a musician, husband, father of ten children, author, composer, teacher. missionary volunteer, motivational speaker and world traveler.


Hi there, dear Monte! I hope that you have a wonderful, wild and crazy and very Happy Birthday with a terrific year up ahead! Love you both, Terry and Franz

Rafael Giacoma You sure know how to rock out. Janina was great on “Gotta Keep Moving”.

Carolina Cop Belated Happy Birthday Monte! God bless you mightily!

Jesse P. Cagle I hope you can fulfill your destiny 😉

Judy Arlene Pendell Always liked that song Yes and Amen

Merry Christmas Peace on earth Congratulations

Iamie Cal Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family. Greetings out of Bielefeld

Kathleen Stewart Thank you Monte!

Joseph Savino Looking good Monte!!
Suzan Watson cool dudes rock ’em !!! Merry Christmas guys 🌲

La Toya Williams We just left NYC! I would have loved to see you!

Langlah Kofi Israel Marvin Wow this is the show i wanna attend


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Moonlight. Best Picture Mix-up at Oscars. Monte Cagle # 34

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2012: Not The End Of The World. Part 3


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