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Racism and the CureBook Cover web proo

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Racism and bigotry have taken over our world and have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years, causing confusion, mental illness, family strife,  destruction of communities, wars of nations and much, much more.  Sometimes you wish it would all stop and we could get on with our lives and live with each other in peace and harmony. Well, now through this book (Racism and the Cure) you can be healed from this terrible mental disease of man. The true life story of Monte Cagle, his research into this subject and travels in over 45 countries on 4 continents for the past 50 years can help you fully understand many cultures, social and racial taboos and bigotry, its origin and what you can do to rid your mind and heart of their debilitating effects.  If racism and bigotry are troubling you, read this book and start your healing today! To get your paperback copy, click the buy now link below.    Allow 3 to 7 days for shipping.